Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The New Hair-do

A few months back I posted about my apparent lack of attractiveness to other mommy types in the area. This phenomenon has continued to plague me and has in fact become a source of humor and endless jokes around the house, and with the one friend that I had successfully managed to not frighten away. It appears however that, at long last, I have discovered the key...unlocked the door...crossed some sort of bridge...and all it took was a haircut. Who knew?

For years I have toyed with the idea of cutting bangs to my long, mainly one length hair...and for years, I have chickened out. The excuses were many...I have a small forehead...they might curl up like the wicked witch's feet after the ruby slippers were removed...I'll look'll be too much upkeep...blah, blah and more blah.

Finally, last night I succumbed to temptation and had my hair wizard - and really, she *is* a wizard at the very least - add a frontal fringe to my look. And then, since I was being so "Devil-may-care", I told her to go ahead and style it wavy, rather than torturing her with another marathon, hours long straightening session. Because I am charitable that way. It's just the kind of girl I am.

The resulting look is a huge change from 24 hours ago. And apparently has worked some sort of magic trick.

We had story time at the library today...and one of the other mothers actually started a conversation with me. Willingly. Then, in the craft room, another mother smiled at me. Wow. I checked to make sure that there was no one behind me - all there was were books. Then, at ballet tonight 2 separate moms struck up conversations with me...fairly long conversations...and during one of them, another mom even jumped in and joined in the fun. It was amazing...people actually talking to me. Tomorrow I think I may try hang gliding.

I jest...but truly this is something of a milestone...a miracle...a turning point I daresay. And apparently all it took was bangs. Who knew?

I guess any fool could have told me that this:

Is way scarier than this:


Anonymous said...

I love the new do!! Of course you look about 12 yrs old but what the heck just tell people you are the new babysitter......Seriously I am very happy you finally took the plunge and Garry thinks it looks great too.
Love ya Mom

Julie said...

It does make you look younger. But I like it. Very cute! Change is good once in awhile. Trying to decide what to do with mine right now.... maybe I'll add bangs back! hehe My "bangs" are now down to my shoulders and my hair is more than halfway down my back.... shocking, isn't it??

And yeah for the attention from the other mommies!!! Looking at the 2 pics, you do look more mature, sophisticated, and probably intimidating to the other moms with the old cut. This new do looks younger, fresher, and fun, I guess maybe less intimidating. Face it, your gorgeous and average Jane Dos are too artificial to see past the surface and much too intimidated that you're prettier than they are to bother looking any deeper than the surface! Show up to dance next week in sweats and I'll bet they'll be eating out of you hands!!!!