Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can People Get Moldy?

Goodness but it has been rainy lately. We have had to reschedule rescheduled soccer games because our rain date got rained out. We are on super high alert for any water entering our basement. Raincoats and umbrellas have become our uniform. And "When is it going to warm up and be spring?" has become my husband's mantra. Also, all of this liquid sunshine is totally derailing my attempts at becoming more physically fit as well. I am committed, but not so committed as to be willing to walk the dogs in the rain. In the rain I figure it is better if they go in the back yard and walk themselves.

Mother's Day was nice. Kind of rainy, but nice. I had the whole day off and fully took advantage of it. Every time the kids said "I'm hungry" I said "I'm off, talk to daddy about it." And then started cackling maniacally. The hubbers gave me a wonderful new camera that is so fancy schmancy that I feel like I should be selling the images. Or at least I should if I ever find someone that really has a burning desire to buy pictures of my plants, dogs and children.

Say it with me now....





I can totally feel a future for me as a sports photo journalist for the pee wee leagues:

Seriously though, not too much else going on here. I just wish it would stop raining. What's new in your world?

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