Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Still Not Convinced

So I have made exactly ZERO headway on my campaign to get Sabrina into Kindergarten in the fall. It is roadblock after roadblock, deaf ear after deaf ear. There are NO exceptions. After months of trying to find someone who would listen I finally started to think that maybe another year at home wouldn't be so bad for her...maybe she could use some more time to get ready...

Then the other day, at Giant, she started reading the signs in the deli case. She asked me what the big Boar's Head sign said, and after I had read it to her, she went through, picked out all of the words that she new and started sounding out the others. The deli counter worker looked over as she was sounding out "ff"-"iiii" - "lll" - "lll" - "eeehhh" - "rrrrr" - "sssss". "FILLERS!!!! Mama, it says fillers!" The deli worker said "Wow, did you stay home from school today?" Sabrina said "No, I go to preschool." The deli worker looked at me and said "Wow." Sigh...

At the library today I was chatting with one of the other moms - all hail the mighty bangs, bringer of female companionship and conversation - about Sabrina and her readiness for Kindergarten. This mom's boy, who we shall call Eldon for the sake of anonymity, is going to be headed off to Kindergarten in the fall. He's ready she says, though he is still a bit shy. Ummm, the child has spent every one of the last 12 weeks of story time HIDING behind her legs. The poor thing is going to stroke out when he has to get on the bus and go to school with no legs to hide behind. When I told her that Sabrina misses the cut off she just gawked and said "Well what are you going to do with her next year?" I lamely said "Ummm...well...I guess send her to preschool again."

There has got to be a better answer than that. I really need to find a decent homeschool curriculum. Something. I can't just let her stagnate for a year. But then if I do push her some more, what happens in fall of 2009 when she *is* allowed to go to Kindergarten? Will she be bored to tears? Or do I have her tested for 1st grade and have her miss out on the whole Kindergarten experience? Argh, argh, argh.

Anyone have a magic eightball with the answers that they would like to share?


Our Hinjew Family said...

Ilana, if this helps you:

Simi missed the cut-off by a mere two weeks and he stayed in pre-school. He was reading at a 2nd grade level and doing 2nd grade math by the time he STARTED kindergarten. I, too, was concerned about him being "too" ready and about him being bored at school. So I talked with the principal about it before he started. The principal knew just what to do and placed Simi in a GREAT classroom where he goes at his own pace. He's never had to do the letter of the day (he's so beyond that). He reads books at a 2nd grade level where other children read books at their own level. The math he's given is appropriate for his level, which is different from the math other children are given. Every once in awhile he'll complain to me that he was bored with something, but it's rare.

Hope this helps you feel better about it.

big hugs,

Julie said...

You know I totally feel your pain on this one. VA is not budging for Bethany either. We have pretty much given up on this end. She is tentatively scheduled for pre-K through the school system, but since she is already more than meeting the K requirements NOW, she will be booted from that program too if more than 16 kids sign up. If that happens I have no clue what we'll do with the girl!

It really is a tough decision and so unfair! Kindergarten is such a big year and it is an intro to school. There is a big difference between K and 1st grades, so the thought of skipping her bothers me too. If that is an option for you, I do know several parents here who homeschooled Kindergarten and started their kids in 1st grade because of situations like ours. It is an option. My sister is planning to homeschool and is looking into K curriculums now for Abby in the fall. Her SIL has/is homeschooling her kids as well and they may be able to help provide resources for you if you choose to go that route. No way could James stick to a homeschooling curriculum for Bethany.... I've tried! So she'll just have to wait it out and hope to God she doesn't cause too much chaos should she become bored!