Monday, April 23, 2007

Living life Day by Day

Speaking of living life day to day...(I know, I are thinking, when were we speaking about living life day to day???) sometimes, when you are sure you have as much to deal with as you think you can and you are sure that you can't take any more, God shows you how much confidence and belief he has in YOU by giving you more. I thought my plate was full enough, but I just got 5 more helpings...Skorja, our husky, just had 5 puppies yesterday...I didn't know she was pregnant until Thursday.

I was panicking...I was freaking out...I was pretty dismal...but now they are here, and they are real, and I realize that it would be an insult to God and Mother Nature and all of their infinite wisdom to bemoan their arrival...they are new life, innocent and full of potential...5 little opportunities to complete some family out there...5 little "missionaries" of soft lapping tongues and the comfort born of a dog's soulful eyes. Pets are certainly part of God's master plan for people, and I have a handful worth of his rawest talent, that will someday deliver unconditional love and joy to someone - how lucky am I? How honored and special I must really be to aide and assist in rearing such life and spreading such joy.

At least that's my story today...