Friday, February 29, 2008

All in all it has been a tame couple of days. Sabrina woke me at 5 something o'clock yesterday morning by moaning loudly in the hallway. ..That's my girl, subtle to a fault...anyway, she said her tummy hurt her...which is Sabrina code for any number of things other than an actual tummy ache...a touch to her forehead quickly confirmed that she was burning up. 102.8. Not pretty, but OK...throughout the course of the day her fever would go down and then back up, depending upon what medicine I was giving her at that time...around 11 I took her temp and it was around 102, so I gave her Motrin. About 30 minutes later, I looked over and her eyes were watering...I took her temp again and it was at an alarming 104.2!!! A cold dread gripped me as visions of her brain being boiled or her small frame being wracked by febrile seizures or...think HAPPY thoughts mom...maybe I should stop watching House obsessively...let me go turn on Scrubs...gripped me. I put her in a tepid bath and we played for about 15 minutes...her fever was now up to 104.3. I took her out and toweled her off. Thankfully that seemed to cool her off a bit. Her temp started dropping. Long story short, Motrin doesn't work on my girl, so we will be sticking to Tylenol for her from now on.

This morning she had a 102.somethingorother fever, so she has ridden the couch all day. The fever is gone now, but the whining has set in. So in otherwords, the status quo has been restored, things are exactly as they should be.

Except for the gas. Honestly I am not entirely sure which of these mangy mutts it is. I think it is the puppy, but then...I don't know for sure. She is a wiley one...constantly chewing on one of the other dogs, which makes it much harder to pin the flatulence on husband started suggesting that I should change her dog food. She has been on the same food since she started eating solid food. The idea of switching it pains's's good food...she stinks. In the last several weeks I have been giving the three of them pig I stopped that, thinking maybe it was causing the gassiness. 2 days and there are still noxious clouds floating about the house. Can you give a dog Bean-o?

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