Friday, February 22, 2008

One of these things is not like the other one

I'm an only child. My mother is an only child. Based upon this I think there is little wonder as to why I have always been fascinated with large families. Siblings have always been something that I regarded with a certain amount of awe and envy. I mean, I have had step fact I am still very close with one of my "sisters", but the idea of having someone that was made up from the same two parents...who jumped out of the same genetic pool that you seemed to me that must be the most idyllic experience ever - to have someone that was like you. (I think part of this also stems from never looking like ANYONE in my family...I look most like my father and never having known him as a kid, well, the thought of having a resemblance to someone was the coolest thing ever.) It is no shock then that I have 2 children. 2 Children that have the very same parents. That grow up in the very same household. That are so different that, had I not been very present and conscious for both their conceptions AND births I might question their parentage...

for example...

Several Valentine's Days ago, my Mother in Law gave each of the children a Valentine's Day card. It was several days before Valentine's, and the kids sat in the back seat of the car, in their carseats, as we drove home, clutching their cards. It was not yet Valentine's Day after all. I told the kids that they could open the cards any time if they wanted.

Sabrina, who was 2 at the time, ripped her card open and a dollar bill fell out...she quickly scooped it up, hugged it and started chanting "MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney"...

Sebastian, who had just turned 4 was eyeing her and her new found wealth with a mixture of horror and utter silence. My pensive little boy...

After about 5 minutes, he said timidly, "Mommy, d-do you think that there is a dollar in MY card?"

"Well honey, I can't imagine that there isn't, but you won't know until you open it. Would you like to open it?"

"It's not Valentine's Day yet mommy."

"I know, but it is OK."

"No, I-I-I think I will wait."

OK then....

About five minutes later, he piped up again...

"But mommy, what will I *do* with a dollar?"

"Well, you can put it in a bank and save it, or maybe if you are good, mommy can take you to the dollar store and you can buy something for yourse..."

"I want to save it!"

At which point Sabrina interjects "I want to EAT my dollar!!!"

...I swear honey, they are both yours!

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