Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

I am just the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. Seriously.

In about 24 hours I will have my dearest, closest friend here and my newest nephew in my hot little hands. Bwa-ha-ha...I will get to sniff baby head, nibble baby toes and smooch baby cheeks for 2 whole days...and then...I DON'T have to put him through college or potty train him!!!

How did I stumble upon such riches you may ask? Well, seems the little guy has taken to partying hard all night already and mum needs a someone to pinch hit the chaperoning duties. Which we are MORE than eager to do.

Seems her mummy-hearing is preventing even the best intentioned attempts at sleeping through the sounds of baby from being successful at home, so we are finally going to be able to put the fact that we have spread out our living area across three floors of our home to good use. (Heck, if we just finish off the attic we could send each member of the family to their own floor and not see one another for days...hmmm...I see a trip to Lowe's in my future...hmmm) Tim and I had already stumbled upon the interesting fact that, from the basement you cannot hear anything that is going on on the second floor. Of course we figured this out only slightly after our children did. Like a month after.

Apparently they have been waiting until mommy and daddy retire to the basement to play pool or (honestly, more often...) World of Warcraft - there, I said it, it is out in the open...I have become a video game playing chick - and then they host dance parties and raves up there. We were clueless for who knows how long...though it does explain the bouncer we keep finding at the top of the stairs....unfortunately no one told them that they should be charging a cover, so there will be no supplemental income from that.

Sabrina is the one that actually ratted them both out the other night...she crept down the 2 flights of stairs and then cleared her wee little throat:

"Mommy...I losted the back of my earring." Bottom lip pulled out for full pitiful effect...

"Oh Sabrina...where?"

"In Sebastian's room.." I look at my is 9:30. Bed time is at 8:00. You do the math.

"Umm...*how* did you lose the back of your earring in Sebastian's bedroom an hour and a half after bedtime?????"

"Well, when we were playing Star Wars..."

Nuff said.

I think the little mum should have no problem sleeping soundly.

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