Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nothing Doing

Not too much to report around this neck of the woods right now, which is primarily because we are all so busy that I don't think there is even a single, solitary spare second to to or say anything even remotely amusing or "blog-worthy". Between the hubbers stepping up to take on the role of Cub Master (and all of the additional work that entails for ME, ya know, the one that *didn't* volunteer for the position), my Daisy troop having their investiture ceremony, and normal kid's activity/PTO/Church stuff we are go-go-go all the time around here.

The Daisy troop has been an interesting experience thus far. Mainly because of the other leader. I have learned that I am not a terribly good follower. I know that I am capable of taking direction, and I am capable of giving direction. What I am not so good at is having NO direction. I am supposed to be the Assistant leader of this little venture. Unfortunately, the leader has no leadership experience. And is shy. And a bit disorganized. And not a good communicator. So I am staging a coup. Because this is too important to my little girl, and my friends' little girls. And it was making my teeth itch.

Don't get me wrong, I have tried to guide her and mentor her and offer her assistance and leadership advice. She doesn't ever take me up on any of it. When I was just letting it go, it meant extremely unstructured meetings that were nothing more than a weekly playdate for the girls, where they would color and play. Which is nice and all, but I have no desire to pay for. Nor do any of the other mothers.

I had set out *not* to be the leader because I wanted to have one thing that I was *not* in charge of. Now that is the case, and it is not working out for me. So I have grabbed a hold of the horns and taken off with it.

On the one hand I feel badly about running right over this other young woman. On the other, my kids come first for me, and I want all of our girls to have a good, solid program that they can learn and grow from. I want them to make memories, and learn to be strong, fair, independent women. So...she'll just have to either grab on and come along for the ride, or deal with the skid marks.

Start your engines....

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Julie said...

Boy do I know what you mean. I LOVE Girl Scouts for my girls because it actually is the ONE thing I don't have to stress about or run or do everything in my power to keep together. They have a GREAT leader and I so thankful for that. That said, James officially took over as director of football for our athletic assocition last month and tonight he attends his first meeting as director of U8 soccer for our soccer league. A lot of his football kids are playing soccer this year and he wanted to make sure they get grouped together, so the way to ensure that?? Take over soccer too! LOL He's doing surprising well taking on a lot of it himself without dragging me too deep into it, like when he took over Cub Scouts and I ran it for 2 years before burn out and the fact that Roman was more interested in sports and it was causing conflicts. Sadly the den dissolved a year after we stepped down. But you and I are people who get things done. Just be careful. I got very burned out on it! Had to take a hiatus and having Katy as an excuse to step back... okay not much of an excuse she really is a handful!... helped a lot. I'm back now and ready to take on soccer!