Friday, December 5, 2008

Wishing Well

Well, it's nearly Christmas time, and for the littlies, that of course means that it's time to take the brakes off of the wanting and just let us all have it good, by compiling a list of everything earthly thing that they desire. As a kid, I thought this was a guarantor of getting more than just socks and underwear...but always felt somewhat self conscious about really letting it all hang out, so I can remember going to great lenghts to prevent my list from coming across as too obscenely know, by only asking for one pony, rather than eight.

As an adult, I have a new appreciation for this sport. It is a highly amusing look into the inner-most workings of your child's mind.

So the grandparents had all requested that they be furnished with copies of the roadmaps to the kids hearts wish lists, so I threw the task out to my offspring, and had them compile their lists. Good golly...who knew that actually charging them with this could consume almost a week of their time?? There was much gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes and careful studying of the Walmart and Target toy flyers...which were both hidden inside of Sabrina's kitchen, for fear that mommy might throw them out. Thanks goodness we didn't get the Toys R Us big book delivered!!!!!

What they delivered was beyond priceless...and as I transcribed it for the grandparents, I questioned them about some of the items on their lists...and being the horrible loving parent that I am, I added my own commentary.

Now, without further ado (or expectation on our part, for those of you who are blood related to us and thinking that this is some sort of subliminal message directed squarely at YOU...) here are the wish lists of my two darling cherubs...with some mommy commentary thrown in:

Sebastian: (Or as we shall now call him, Mr. Caviar-tastes)
Ben 10 Alien Creation chamber
Rock em Sock em Robots
Erector SpyKee Robot - ok, this thing is a bit over his is a robot that you build (which he could do with daddy) that then is controlled using the wiFi in his can record pictures, act as a surveillance system, talk to people, take pictures of them...all sorts of cool stuff...I think ultimately, daddy would enjoy this more than Sebastian
Bakugan starter kit - Apparently this is something similar to Pokemon, but with balls instead of cards? Not sure...still trying to figure out Pokemon to begin with.
Star Wars the Clone Wars action figures
Razor Power Wing Scooter - He already has a regular Razor...which he uses all the idea what the deal is with this thing.
Nintendo DS - My Sims Kingdom, Star Wars Clone Wars, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games - Sebastian really, really, REALLY wants a DS. In fact, in the original letter to Santa, the DS wanting was used almost as though it was punctuation. Daddy doesn't like the idea, because he is afraid that it will become a problem like it is with some of the other children that we have known with Gameboys and the like. Mommy is of the opinion that it is not the toy that is the problem, it is the parenting...I know *we* will not be getting him this...but I can say that this is what he wants more than anything else, and that if it were entirely up to me, he WOULD be getting it.
iDog Dance - He and Sabrina both asked for this...when asked if they understood what it was and what it does, they explained perfectly that it dances to the music played by your iPod...which neither of them which point they explained that they wanted it for me, to use with my iPod. Which is sweet...but utterly besides the point of their Christmas lists...but I just had to add this in, because it made me chuckle.
Playmobile Roman Kingdom - sort of a Lego-y thing? I think?
Lego Star Wars V-19 Torrent - This lego set would REQUIRE daddy to help's rated ages like 10 and up or something. And I say daddy because I drew the short straw for the 500+ piece pirate ship of last year...and I still have a tick from the 3+ hours it took to assemble that it's his turn.
Pokemon cards - Seriously, you can never go wrong with this. Dammit. Will the pocket monsters never go out of style???
D-Rex -This is a robotic dinosaur...a very expensive dinosaur at that. Which I suppose could run around with and eat all of the other robots that he is lusting after. Chomp, chomp, chomp...

abrina:(Little Miss "Everything on this Page")
A big soft Barbie - We got her a My Size Ballerina Barbie, but it is *not* soft...she wants one that she can sleep with. Is there such a thing? I have no clue...happy hunting. ;-)
Dora Prance n' Fly Pegasus
Stuffed animals - This is always a sure fall back with her...she loves animals, and loves plushies to sleep with...current favorites are the new edition beanie babies (called Beanie Baby 2.0), Rescue pets My ePets and the Little Pet Shop VIP's...they have codes that allow them to log into a secure site and play games with electronic versions of their toys...while their real toys sit and look on in vapid horror.
Pixos Super Studio - Some odd art type thing...but hey, it's creative...
Rose Petal Cottage - this is basically a softsided playhouse that can be set up and taken down inside the house.
Baby Alive Learns to Go Potty - OK, ewwwwww!!!! but whatever...she is a girly girl
Tini Puppini Designer Plush Puppy - A dog to dress up...because ours don't fit in any of our clothes. And don't cooperate when you try to gussy them up much beyond a bandana.
Barbie Party Cruise Playset - "Mommy, you need to use REAL WATER with this." Mommy is overjoyed.
Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse - Apparently the house tells you what you need to cleanup in it for you. Mommy would like a lifesized version of this if it actually gets them to do their chores.
Bratz Dolls and Bratz World House - Uggg...these things are obnoxious...but then, in her own way, I suppose Barbie is too. I know, I'm a heretic. I guess I can't keep her 2 forever.
Littlest Pet Shop Game for the Wii - Actually,she asked for it for the DS...but she doesn't have a DS (see above). She too would love to have one, but is less concerned about it than her fact, if it weren't *for* her brother, she probably wouldn't want one.
iDog Soft Speaker - again with the things for mommy's iPod...though Sabrina isn't nearly so "really, it's for you mommy" about it...
Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly - They already have Monopoly Jr., she only wants it because it is Littlest Pet Shop.
Littlest Pet Shop Fitness Center - think dollhouse for tiny dogs and cats...only with a workout theme. At least it can't mess with her body image - right?
Ponyville Sweet Sundae Amusement Park - My Little Pony is making a comeback. And shrinking. Much like Britney Spears.
Rescue Pets Swim to Me Puppy - Her:"it actually swims to you mom!!! Just like I swim to you!!!" Me: "Again with the water???"
Lucky the Wonder Pup - This is a "magical puppy that does whatever you tell him to do"...just what the future cult leader needs to practice her minion commanding skills.
FurReal Cat - "Well mommy, your kitty is afraid of me. This one won't run away."
FurReal S'mores Pony - This is about as close to a real pony as it comes. It is a ride on, whinying, electronic monstrosity. I seem to remember Daddy buying her a large stuffed pony for Christmas when she was 2 so that when she grew up and asked him to buy her a pony, he could tell her that he already did. Apparently she wants an upgrade.

So there you have it.

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