Monday, November 3, 2008

My New Voicemail Message - In Open Letter Format

Dear Democratic Party,

If you are calling to badger me, yet again, about my choice of presidential candidate, please let me reiterate to you that I am voting for Obama...just as I was at 9AM, 11:30AM, 1:45PM, 3:20PM and at 4:45PM when you sent someone knocking on my door. I have been planning on voting for Obama since the moment that I knew the alternative. I even *voluntarily* put a (now purloined) Obama sign on my front lawn. (Granted, at least 60% of the reason that I did this was to needle my Republican friends, but still!) For heaven sake, stop stalking my vote.

I would like to ask though, that the dogged determination that you are displaying to check my position on the election be carried over, into the presidential term. It is my fondest wish to have a president that is as concerned about my opinion on the War in Iraq, the Bail out of the Banks and Gay Marriage as you are about my own, single, solitary, PRIVATE vote. Such an administration would truly be an inspiration and lend us all the sense that change was actually possible and on the horizon...I for one would gladly lay down my life for such a Commander in Cheif. If however, the calls stop on Wednesday morning, I have to admit, that I will feel sort of like the cheerleader that puts out on the first date...and then never gets a second call.

Yours Truly,
Duchess Pandora


Susan said...

Yes it would be wonderful it this could happen. To really actually have a say in what is happening and have a forum for the President to hear ones voice and actually react. Now you are talking real change!!!

Julie said...

An awesome idea, but I'm guessing you're just easy! Am I right?? No second date, huh? Don't wait by the phone too much longer, then you would be easy and desperate! LOL

You may find it shocking that this conservative gal is not at all disappointed by the election results last night. Personally I wasn't thrilled about either candidate, but neither was I extremely opposed of them either!