Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She's a Genius!!!

I know I am a proud parent. I usually try to temper my opinion of my kids with a healthy dose of skepticism about how smart they are, realizing full well that all parents think that their children are prodigies. Having said that...Sabrina is a genius.

Sebastian has always shown academic promise and prowess. Heck, by the end of Kindergarten, he was working on fractions, contractions and compound words, which I have come to understand is not...how would you say?...normal. We knew before he started school that he would do well, as he easily and quickly "got" just about anything we threw at him. Our biggest concern had to do with how he would handle boredom when the other children in his class were learning the things that he already knew.

Sabrina on the other hand has always been more laid back in the area of academia, choosing instead to apply her efforts to social skills that will serve her well in her quest for world domination. She's not going to take control by force, it will be by charm alone. Apparently she has decided that her work there is done for now. Within the last couple of weeks, I have seen her inner reader emerge at break neck speed. It started with the sight words that she knew, from pre-school...anywhere that she would see "can", "was", "it", "the", she would proudly proclaim it...next she started to make the letter sounds of anything that she saw in front of her...usually at the top of her lungs and to the great amusement of anyone that was around. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and Uncles all would stop to praise the precious little peanut that was working so hard to sound out c-e-r-e-a-l in aisle 4. This attention of course did not go unnoticed, and must have given her a bright idea, because now she is putting the sounds together and forming her words. This week she has read 6 Dick and Jane stories and is starting to branch out to slightly more complicated books. And oh yeah, in case you weren't keeping score, she is 4.

Wow. For just this moment, I have taken my Jade colored classes off and am proudly sporting a rosier hue...my child is a GENIUS. My two little geniuses are sitting at the dining room table, reading their respective library books...and I couldn't be prouder.

Of course, this again raises the question, what the heck am I going to do with her for a whole year while she waits to be "old enough" and therefore "ready" to go to Kindergarten???

I need some good info on homeschooling STAT!

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Julie said...

So what did you decide to do about your little genius girl?? Will you be homeschooling K this year or just suck it up and wait till next year as we are having to do with the Bmonster? And where they heck have you been all summer???