Thursday, November 15, 2007

The one where she loses her job...

On Thursday of this past week, exactly 1 week before Thanksgiving, I was laid off form First Data Corp, after 7 years of loyal service. I didn't see it coming, and it felt I some sort of dream that you know can't possibly be realistic, but sounds and looks real enough for the moment. It's Saturday now, and I haven't woken up yet, so I am guessing this isn't a dream.

I'm really not as freaked out as I expected to be. I am actually almost excited. Or perhaps the word that I am looking for is delusional? Hmmm...not really sure. At any rate, there are a great many things in this life that I have always thought I would love to do...but with the nice, fat, steady paycheck coming in week after week, the thought of chasing down any of those notions was unthinkable. Well, now with it being taken from me, I feel entitled to try them out. And the biggest blessing of all is that my husband is 100% supportive and behind me on this...I sort of wonder if a part of him isn't almost satisfied to finally, after 6 years of marriage be able to stake his claim as the bread winner...and you know what, if that is part of his "enlightened" approach to all of this, so be it! I am happy for him...

For now, I am going to stay home and be wife, mother, homemaker. We'll see how long this idea enchants me...though something tells me it will be quite some time.

I really do think that I am going to be least for the next hour or so.

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