Friday, February 24, 2017

My First *Fix*

I typically like to see myself as being immune to advertising...somehow above being coerced into buying things just because a splashy ad tells me that I want it. I suppose we probably all want to think of ourselves as being strong willed and strong minded enough to withstand the pressure and just do our own thing...

For well over a year now, I have been seeing ads for Stitch Fix pop up all over my social media. First as ads on Facebook. Then in the form of sponsored pins on my pinterest.

"Pffft.." I thought.
"Not gonna suck *me* sirree bob. Nope. Not a chance."
"Wow, that really *is* a cute outfit...I bet it's a bait and switch."

...and finally, one night, when I was reasonably certain that no one else was looking, I clicked on one of the banner ads and started to read up on what it was all about.

I filled out the profile...

...but did *not* schedule a "fix" for myself. Because hey, you're not the boss of me! I'm not going to cave to the peer pressure. Also, I'm *frugal*.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing more and more people posting pictures from their "fixes"...and I was quietly impressed...I thought "Hmmm, I could totally see myself wearing *that*..."

Finally, earlier this week, I decided "what the heck!" I recently got a promotion and a healthy raise and by golly, why *not*?!? I figured, I 'll try it once, probably hate it, will send everything back and that will be that.

Click, click, thing I knew, I got an email advising me that my "fix" would be here on February 28th or sometimes thereabout.

So, imagine my shock and nervous delight, when I came home to a white and aqua box *today*, fully 4 days *early*...

As TGC and I walked up to the house I nonchalantly asked her to pick up the mail and carry it in for me. (Play it cool, play it cool)

I said my hellos to the fur babies and TBC...

Then casually picked up the box and CHARGED UP THE STAIRS LIKE A TODDLER AT CHRISTMAS...

As soon as I was in my room, with the door safely shut behind me, I stared at the box in nervous anticipation...

What would I find inside of it???
What if I hated it?
What if I loved it?
What if I loved it but none of it fit???????


Finally I took a deep breath and cut open the tape...and found parcels, wrapped in white paper and a small envelope with some papers in it.

In there, I found what I initially thought was *another* advert...until I noticed that my name was on the top...hmmmm...

Instead of an advert, I found it was a note from my stylist, Amber. In it, she mentioned perusing my pinterest style boards...and as such she had included boyfriend jeans (WITHOUT holes!!!!!!), a striped shirt, a cargo jacket and a "little black dress".

She pinterest stalked me...which almost felt creepy...except...I loved it.

At that point, there was no holding me back...I removed the parcel form the box, tore open the white paper and started going through the items. I loved the look at feel of each of them... which point a mile panic set in...what if none of it fits????

Skeptically, I pulled on the jeans. Jeans and I have a love-hate relationship. I have really long legs and a really short waist. My waist is also pretty small in comparison to my hips and butt. And though my legs are long they are a runner's legs...strong and muscled.

To my astonished delight, the jeans fit. And well.
Oh my! Boyfriend jeans sans rips??

Next I unfolded the navy blue and white striped shirt. It seemed pretty basic and I thought, "Well, *this* one I can surely send back..."

And then I saw it...the shirt has elbow patches!!! I LOVE this sort of detail. My heart skipped a little beat and then I started to brace myself for the inevitability of the sleeves being too short. Because they almost always are. Because I have monkey arms. That my knuckles don't drag on the ground is nothing short of a mystery.

I slid the shirt on and the sleeves are PERFECT. And the shoulders and neckline flattering! ::swoon::

Next I eyed the cargo jacket...I really, really, really wanted it to fit. I tried it on but alas, it is a bit tight across the shoulders and the sleeves are a little short for my liking...

That left the black dress...which is super soft...and has nice detailing around the bust and neckline. I slid it on, over my head and was delighted to discover that it fit me like it was made for me.

The last thing left in the box was an accessory...a pair of earrings. Nice, intricately detailed but not my thing.

So 3 out of 5 are keepers and 4 out of 5 are a perfect match to my taste. Not quite enough to get the discount for keeping all 5, but I'd call this first run a I just need to be patient until my next fix, coming up on March 28th! Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hey baby those are very definately you. I love that you are treating yourself to the little things that you so deserve. Rock on girl!