Monday, October 10, 2011

An Ode to My Husband

Here’s the thing, you’re not perfect.

You’re not the most emotionally available man in the world.

You either talk a lot or not at all. Many times when you do talk, it’s not so much “to” a person, as it is “at” a person. When you don’t feel like talking, you just simply DON’T.

You can be extremely harsh and hypercritical of others.


You let me be me.

You are strong enough to know to let me chase down my dreams and goals, no matter how they may grow and evolve over time. You don’t take them as a threat. You don’t view them as attempts to run away from you. You give me the space and the encouragement to continue becoming whomever it is that I am going to be, which is the only reason that I keep trying some days.

You get that it is more important to provide me with the good soil to plant my own garden, than it is for you to bring me flowers. What we can grow together is more beautiful than anything we can buy from someone else.

You recognize that I don’t need you, but I want you. You realize that this is a good thing. If I were with you out of need, I could just as easily fulfill those needs with someone else. But I’m not. I’m with you out of want. No one else can be you, no one else could ever fill my “you shaped” hole.

You’re not perfect, but neither am I.

Somehow though, when you put us together we are.

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