Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Being Nosey Never Pays

So I have been keeping myself busy doing some freelance writing. Its an interesting opportunity that provides me with constant need to educate myself about new and different topics. Everyday I will get a pack of 5-15 articles on a particular topic or topics that I need to write 400 word articles about. Typically, these packs include a website that I will be writing for, so that I can see what point of view or position I should be supporting. When I receive these packs, my first step is always to check the link, to make sure that it is working.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. The general topic for my articles was improving your married sex life. A little more risque than I had been assigned before, but heck, I'm a grown up, I can hack it. I checked the link, and it brought up a website called "Why Am I in a Sexless Marriage?" Not surprisingly, it featured pictured of vibrators and dildos and such. Since the kids were home, I quickly clicked on another tab, effectively leaving the images buried, and then rushed out the door with the girl child to go to Daisies.

That left the boy and his dad at home. Alone.

Apparently the hubbers needed to use my computer for something. And saw my tabs.

The next day, I called him, and he asked "Why?", I replied that I was thinking of him. Again, he asked "Why, what did you do??". I replied "Nothing really, just the articles that I am writing today are making me giggle."

"Oh, why? What are they about?"

"Improving your married sex life."

"Oh THANK GOD!!! I thought we maybe needed to have a talk or something."

And that should teach him to snoop.

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