Saturday, April 5, 2008

Confessions of a Snot Nosed Brat

So the last week has been full of rest, fluids and phlegm. Sounds like a vacation doesn't it? What started innocently enough as a hacky cough on a Thursday quickly spiraled into a blazing fever, aching body and general all over yuckiness by Friday.

On Wednesday of last week I decided to poke some menacing fun at a friend of ours who was a bit under the weather. We have standing plans on Friday evenings with this friend's family and for the last several weeks said plans have been cast aside due to various health and travel issues. Anyway, the poor fella was really not feeling well and I gave him a stern talking to about how he had better rest up and be well by Friday...which of course explains why I woke up Thursday coughing. Karma, she'll get you every time.

By the time Thursday evening rolled around, I was sufficiently pathetic that my husband opted to bring home supper rather than allow my fetid breath to linger over anything he was going to ingest. He asked me "So what's wrong with you anyway?"

I told him "My hair hurts."

"Your hair hurts? How exactly does hair hurt?"

"I don't know, it just does..."

"OK then..."

By Friday evening I had a fever of 102.something...and before long it had climbed to the 103.something range. At which point my husband muttered something about cooking my brain and slapped a cold, wet washcloth on my forehead. My little Florence Nightingale tended to me all night - seriously, it was 4 in the morning and he was still tending to my swelling then shrinking fever.

By Monday, I decided it was time to drag my sorry self into the Dr. Which I did. The Dr. took one look at me and said "Wow, you look pretty rough. What's going on?" Lovely, thanks for noticing. Anyway, a few swabs and pokes and jabs later and it was determined that I had myself a good old fashioned case of the flu. Yuck. The Dr. patiently explained to me that she would give me Tamiflu and that I should feel better in about a week. But that I must remain vigilant for any backward sliding as it could indicate a secondary infection, which is really the more dangerous part of the flu. She then proceeded to check out just a few more things...

Funny thing is, I apparently already had myself some secondary infections. An ear infection, a sinus infection and I was hovering precipitously close to pneumonia as well. Apparently I had decided to make the secondary infection an artform...I was collecting them like charms for a charm bracelet.

So she sent me on my way with a prescription for antibiotics as well.

It is now Saturday night, and I have only today determined that I might just live.

The flu is not for the faint of heart.

Now go wash your hands.


Our Hinjew Family said...

I hope you're feeling better...and that the rest of the family didn't come down with it. You're right - the flu is a great big beast. Do you have the "post-flu cough" now? The folks here say that even with Tamiflu, the flu kicked their butts for a couple of weeks. I noticed that with Asher, too, although he had a double whammy with allergy season.

Hope you feel better.

Julie said...

Yikes, I was wondering where you been hiding. And here I was just hoping the kids were on Spring Break and you were living it up and have a great time and just too busy to post. Guess I was wrong. Sucks, hope you're feeling better now and back to 100% soon. :)